He grew up with us, considering the day to day needs of our customers. A formula for faster economic and intuitive to use even this fast growing market.

driven e-commerce We sell for you! With this service we will publish your products to make them highly visible on our website and take care of circuits and sales through a dedicated website or through a portal of online products. It’s enough a list of products, if possible, a complete verbose description that makes the product attractive and clear. Important and indispensable are the pictures or drawings or images with high visual impact. We do the rest! Taking advantage of the expertise of marketing experts, who know the structural characteristics of the Italian companies, we have provided 2 types of services to meet the needs and demands of the Italian companies or commercial e-commerce and e-commerce managed exclusively managed NOT exclusive .


Born for the company that want a commercial site selling EXCLUSIVE entirely run by a team of experts. To handle all the work means that the insertion product, promotion, pre-sales, sales management, payments, billing, management and after-sales returns and withdrawals will be executed by our team. For Exclusive means that you will set up a site “dedicated exclusively” to the products of the client company. A list of products possibly an Excel file or CSV file, high resolution photos of each product and detailed description of each product. We take care to set up the site and promote the product online.


Born for the company that wants to try this is inserted into a channel and site theme with other suppliers. The solution provides full management as a site dedicated only to be shared with other brands.

If you are not satisfied with the two solutions here is another …


an application entirely online, paid in rent, at no additional cost, studied to be immediately operational user. Born for the company wishing to sell their products online. Totally autonomous. The start up of the application includes a course on the terminal to facilitate the integration of products and help them understand what is the right approach to these markets. Our team works with the client company and provides information related to procedures for inserting keywords, marketing, and recommends the most suitable for the type of product sold.

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